Sunday, December 11, 2011

the best ever

Saturday, December 3, 2011

one more month.

I really have mixed feelings about there only being one more month left.
Honestly I think more of it is sad feelings...I think. Weird huh? Because most of this blog has been about how much I want to go home. But I will really really really miss being completely independent and learning new things. I enjoy being alone and figuring things out alone and dealing with stuff alone and solving my own problems and speaking up....the list could go on and on, this has been an awesome time of figuring out myself? That is way cheesy yet true.

BUT more importantly my very new best friend, Lindsey. We are seriously way too much is really creepy. we get along so well. It is funny because Jordan & Adam have been my very best friends for a long time, yet we are quite opposite but it works out in a love/hate relationship way. My relationship with Jordan is defiantly one of a kind and I LOVE IT! and Adam, its just hard to explain, you just have to watch us and then you will be like "oh yea they belong together" But anyways, I am going to miss Lindsey a lot...I don't want to have to think about saying goodbye to her.

So I am sad for all of those things.
and I will miss Mike. Oh Mike. He cracks me up. sometimes he does the moon walk and the other day a guest asked him to do a JUMPING PICTURE!!!!! He tried so very hard to jump, it wasn't the highest jump in the world but he did get both feet off the ground. Sully and Mike like to chat about Channing Tatum, there are some interesting conversations that go on during a Monsters Inc. work day.

I will also miss being one of Santa's Elfs. It is seriously the best thing ever. I get to dance with small children all day and have as much energy as a legit elf....I am a legit elf what am I even talking about. I  got offered a job actually....I said no, I HAVE TO GRADUATE! I had a secret "I really want to do this, but I am too afraid" so I didn't. But I know myself quite well and I know if I didn't go back to school this upcoming semester then I probably would never go back.

I tend to write these really fast because I get so excited about writing stuff. So my grammer and vocabulary probably doesn't make any sense, but I could care less. It is my blog and this is how I do things. BAM!

Happy thoughts about there only being a month left.
I get to see my cat elbee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I get to see my long lost traveler (adam)
I get to see my old almost graduate bff (ashley jo)
I get to see my meredith girls and live in a happy clean apartment in a big girl bed!!
I get to see my grandma, who loves adam more than me.

But I really do not want to do the whole school stuff. blah.

My family came uh last week for Thanksgiving! It was so much fun, and I got to see some other dance friends! I got my family and some friends in the Animal Kingdom Parade, it was too funny.
I don't know if my last blog mentioned that I finally got a new roommate, she is pretty chill. Her name is Tiera and she works complete opposite of me, so we literally never see each other. She is clean and nice, so I approve.

I actually just finished making the kitchen look beautiful. The oven is taking 4 hours to clean itself. It is really hot in here but we have an inspection on Monday so therefore it has to be clean.

What else. Uh Christmas shopping is failing. miserably. I am a terrible decider because I don't want to give that lame gift. ya know?!

my eyeballs hurt from staring at this screen.

til lata gatas,

peace yo


Justin Bieber came to Disney. Unfortunately they told us we were not allowed to go into the park. Screw you Disney. this is my friends picture. ugh.

The boys next door kitchen. I had to take a picture. haha ours has looked this bad. gross eh?

Cara is a blonde elf.

failed beach trip with drew and linds.


on the Animal Kingdom Float.

my love, Linds.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

the life of a one eyed monster

adam and i failed at updating our blogs. so we are being winners and updating them! (and also because chloe told me to)

I don't even remember the last time I wrote on this thingy. Eh it is okay, I think I can make it work.

MIKE WAZOWSKI runs my life. I love him. Especially when I work with Sully, we have a blast and usually end up doing something stupid. For instance, they have decided that since the guests have to wait in a line (you are at Disney YOU ARE GOING TO BE WAITING IN LINES THE WHOLE TIME PEOPLE) anyways, they  decided that the guests need to be entertained and have beach balls to play with. this is my perspective of this situation. If you are in line to see Mike & Sully, that means you have just gotten off a ride. Our line is NEVER more than 10 minutes long, and you can watch us visit each guest and act all silly and i mean hey i think that is entertaining enough. BUT NOOOO. so this is what happens::::: every single kid wants to throw the balls at Mike and Sully so we can kick it back to them, but that interrupts our "meet & greet" with the family we are seeing at that very moment. Which makes parents angry because we are not giving their kids our 100% attention.  Also,kids think Mikes eye is a target. Mike can't see the ground either, so he trips on the balls. So don't have the balls, the guests can wait. I understand if you have a toddler who can't stand still but 98.7% of the time they are scared of us anyways and are going to scream the moment they get up there to meet us. 

THE END of the beach balls.

lets see what else. June is another one of my favorites. She is from the Little Einsteins. I have never watched the show, but June is adorable. She is a four year old ballerina, very girly and thinks she is a princess. My favorite thing about being great friends with June is that fact that I get to act like a girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is awesome because the rest of my life at Disney I am a boy and I have to flirt with girls, kiss girls, hold hands with girls, hug girls...etc. But for June I get to (this sounds creepy) "flirt" with little boys. OKAY PEOPLE don't think i'm a freak, i know four year olds don't flirt geez. I am just really "mean" (okay i'm not mean, it is hard to explain, but i do it right because my attendants/the parents think its funny) to little boys and  them blow them kisses and run away. YOU SHOULD SEE THEIR FACES. they get so red. it's awesome.

hm what else. elephants live upstairs. no i'm serious. they are so loud, they are actually walking around right now with bricks on their feet.

I took a group of my friends to Bojangles. They loved it.
Ever since my roommate left, they have told me I am getting one! They even made a sign that says, "this bed is for you" UH NO WAY!??!!?!?! there are only two beds in the room. one is mine. the other one is naked.
But yesssss no roommate yet. yay!

I am still crazy about cleaning. I cleaned the dishes every night this week because I couldn't stand it. I really need to not be crazy about things being clean. I'm getting on my own nerves. But I mean seriously people, clean up after yourself. i have to wash other peoples dishes to get to the sink to wash my own dishes...thats how bad it gets. haha

my life was completed this past uh friday. I was supposed to be great friends with a dwarf. and SHUT YOUR PIE HOLE geez. I know I know laugh all you want, adam already cracks up about the fact that I can be a dwarf. I'm really not the shortest here. there are serious dwarfs. but anyways, i was supposed to do that. but ended up BEING ONE OF SANTAS ELFS!!!!!!! 

okay picture this.
ME aka cara.
doing whatever kind of dances moves i want, to danceable music, with a ton of children, getting to act like a child, and being in charge. 

AND i got to get up on stage and lead the chacha slide and all those types of things.
talk about a dream come true.
the DJ even said he was going to request to have me work there as much as possible because he said he had never seen an individual with so much energy and smiling. 
my manager/captain pulled me aside and said i was wearing the kids out and asked if i was okay. i was like COME ON PEOPLE IM AN ELF, i'm pumped up on candy. DUHHHH

it was awesome.
good news, when my mom and siblings/dance people, friends all them people come, I GOT OFF!!! the 23-26. so excited. 

54 days until I am back at Meredith/see my very best friend Ashley Jordan who I miss so much.
47 more days until I get to see my sweet sweet sweet boyfriend
8 more days until I see my fam&friends!

It has gone by so fast this last month.
I have been having a blast with Linds. She is from NY. She talks funny but I love it.
The boys next door tend to bang on my wall every time they walk by and it scares the living poo out of me.
They also tend to put the extra mattress in my shower. 
Scares me.

I think I am going to go find some cats today, they are apparently at Mickeys Retreat. 

I miss my little kitty Elbee, a lot.

a week of stories:

1. i went to the beach with linds, tiff, and two zachks. (ha I joined their names together) we had been feeding the seagulls goldfish.(HA notice both of those words have TWO words in their names...) i finally decided to lay back on my towel and enjoy myself. and plop. a seagull pooped ON MY MOUTH. not on my face, ON MY MOUTH. it was so warm, so white, so fresh. some even got on my shoulder. i dumped a bottle of water all over my face while linds couldn't breathe she was laughing so hard. so nasty.

2. we go play ultimate frisbee a southeastern flordia? i think thats the name of it. anyways, linds and i were sitting down on the wall thing and all the sudden we both realized our feet were itching/burning. we got eaten up by fire ants. no joke. they were almost in our pants.

3. i blocked a frisbee with my throat and got the wind knocked out of me.

4. i credit carded linds at the same time she tooted. my hand almost fell off from grossness. 

5. Mike tooted so loud one time that a guest heard it.

i gotta go eat some grub.
til then,
i can't wait to see everyone!
and no worries, i am finally having a blast here!


i forgot about one of the most important things!
adam and i had our four year anniversary!
i shipped him a glass bottle of cheerwine and he got me flowers
even thought we both said we were not giving each other something.
we are too cute
i love him

Thursday, October 13, 2011

the longest video in the world.

first of all, i can't believe i sound so country. its terrible. i hate it. i don't know why i sound so ridiculous.

second of all, i keep looking to the right because people outside were being distracting :)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

the week of uncertainties.

Monday smunday: what did I do what did I do?
I was friends with POOH!
and we had some dew!
okay enough of that silly goose. So monday was going quite swell I guess you could say. Just a normal day blah blah blah. Until I got home.
You see, I asked off a total of 6 days. 3 for when my mother and siblings come down and 3 for adam,martha, and justin when they come in January. Did I get any of those dates approved!? no.
-as a college program student you can't get a "personal day" or a "vacation" or a "requested day off" pretty much you have to be dead sick. aka DUMB.
So that was frustrating. Also, we don't get paid extra at all for working holidays. Even Christmas we don't get paid extra. Why? because we are part of the college program. So we have an outrageous rent, get minimum wage, get crappy shifts nobody wants, can't ask off a day, don't get paid extra on really important holidays, and we are supposed to be in the "happiest place in the world"
also, after asking a bazillion questions to different people about the christmas parade, they already set the cast.
thanks for nothing.

That was Monday.
TUESDAY! WAS A WONDERFUL DAY! I was very good friends with Mike Wazowski! He is my favorite EVER even before this, I have always adored Monsters Inc and Mike. He is just too cute. Here is my workspace/mike/him falling. ps. this was a long time ago...aka not me.

thehehe pretty funny eh!?
hopefully that will not happen.
I like him because
1. i can breathe
2. he is fun
3. i like his character
4. i can breathe
5. i get to work with sully, who is HUGE
6. coworkers are fun (minus the creeper)

so i love mike. :)

Wednesday was the same deal. aka I was in love.

Thursday.... today was um interesting.
I have never been friends with TIMON, but I was quite excited.
He is small and easy.
except I had a problem....i kinda ran out of sports bra. sorry if that is TMI, you should skip to the next paragraph if you want. sooooo when i went on, timon kinda became a girl. whoopsie. I got pulled off set after about 10 minutes with a manager freaking out/laughing. I did look ridiculous. Timon with boobs. It was awesome.

SO moral of this story is to either: a. get more sports bras or b. do laundry more

So then I sat around for a while as they tried to find something for me to do.
I finally went to Camp Minnie/Mickey and met my new friend King Louie. His arms are wayyyyyyyy long. I can't really tell you how it works, but it was fun/different.
I only had 3 sets, they had icecream for us and I didn't have to autograph.
perfect day.
then I got home around 3, cleaned because we have inspections tomorrow, and talked to my teacher from school.
Then Kaitlin and I went to Magic Kingdom to stalk down a manager to sign these dang papers. So he did and was quite nice about it!
Then we went a played for a while, of course it rained, but we ate good food and I had cotton candy...again.

I feel sorry for all my meredith girls because they had a test today that apparently can be compared to those dang anatomy tests. AKA i am dreading dance history already.

this weekend i plan on sleeping a lot.

but the moral of these stories are: that sometimes what you expect isn't what you wanted. but sometimes what you wanted is too much.

it makes sense to me. what i'm going through right now.
I wanted to go home on Monday, I wanted to quit, I was tired of missing family and friends.
But this is good for me. I enjoy making people happy...a lot. and I'm good at it I am not going to lie. So as long as other people are getting what they want, I am good..

Today I finally got used to being away from people.
I am happy about it.
Sometimes you have to get away and do your own thing.

and I am defiantly doing my own thing.


winnie da pooh!



Wednesday, September 21, 2011

the things you didn't know...

So while I was working today I started thinking about all the things that "others" would never know.

here we go:

-if someone says "SMILE!", I stick my tongue out
-if someone says "SAY CHEESE!", I think about pizza and my roommate
-if i were to toot in my work attire and you were to hug me it would smell terrible and be worse than a dutch oven and STAY in there for a long time.
-if you are annoying i give you the death stare
-if you purposely hurt me i will ignore you
-if you speak NO ENGLISH, i roll my eyes because i don't know what the heck you want me to do.
-i sweat as much sweat as that cup of water you have in your hand
-i sometimes says "awe" at cute kids
-i accidentally talk sometimes if you ask me questions, but you will never hear because it's almost impossible.
-i do not enjoy CRAZY BRAZILIANS at all.
-if you have just gotten married or engaged, expect me to freak out whether or not i'm a girl or boy.
-babies are my weakness
-if you are pregnant, i really do not want to kiss your stomach
-i don't understand why some kids don't know what a "hi five" is?
- i can only answer yes or no questions...asking me what my name is is NOT a yes or no question. and why are you getting a picture with me if you don't even know who i am?
-you should know that i work my butt off to make you smile and laugh


that's so funny


Thursday, September 15, 2011

that's whats up

This week hasn’t been that bad surprisingly.                                                        
Lets start with  how much I didn’t get ANYTHING accomplished last weekend when I had off. That was fun.
 It’s official, I cannot sleep in anymore….I guess my body is getting used to getting up way too early for any human being to be up. The life of a semi-grown-up. Ew
Monday: I was wonderful friends with Pooh again. I’m starting to get used to him, he isn’t very hyper or anything so that is easy, just opposite of me. He is quite the fur ball, so he gets very very very very hot. Monday went okay, OH YEAH, this was the day that this girl decided to be a COMPLETE bully to me. Now listen, I usually don’t put up with people who do this, but I was legitly scared of her. She sat beside me and started pinching my arm *note* she didn’t know my name and I didn’t even know hers. I had never seen this girl before* anyways, then she started making fun of seriously EVERYTHING about me that she could. I just ignored her, that was fun.
I also told a manager how terrible my first few days were, she was very apologetic. Which was refreshing. She took notes on my performance and said the only thing she said I needed to work on was my first reaction when I see each new guest. Which knowing Pooh, he wouldn’t go attack a person or get all hyper, he is a calm bear. So I  just kinda ignored what she said, because I want to stay in character as much as possible and just made my hug seem bigger. Which didn’t do much because that just scares the little bitty babies.

Tuesday I was another spare. So I sat in a break room for 9 hours. Ran some errands for people. Saw a lot of the princes, why may I ask are they so PERFECT!? The princesses as well. I’m serious. Well…there faces are perfect. Some of them are a little bit chub chub chubby. That makes me smile. Oh. That was mean. J

Wednesday! Wednesday was a pretty good AOKAY day. I made new friends, Garrett and uh Austin. Austin is actually a girl, weird eh? They helped me tremendously. I was good friend with Pooh again at Animal Kingdom at the boat dock. AKA 30 minutes sets outside with a ton of fur on you. We get ice pack vests…which only help if someone hugs you real tight, which also is painful. There were not a lot of people at all, so I got to play around and  take longer with guests. Which was funnnn. I got a TON of little toodlers to  come to me, and play, they usually start to bawl, but they didn’t!
I did almost get trampled down a hill. On the way to the boat dock, we have to walk this little trail that go slightly down hill. Pooh cannot see behind him, all he can see is the ground…literally. Well a probably eh high schooler girl came SPRINTING down the trail cause she just got so excited. Well Pooh almost fell over and may  have peed in his pants a little. I mean I’m just saying it scared the you know what outta him.
THURSDAY! Spare day. Okay so I came ALL prepared, I got a library account and everything at the Disney place, got two DVDs, brought my computer, brought my charger, brought two jackets, I mean the whole kitchen sink.
Guess what? I ended up actually working.
Well it was my first dining experience. And guess who I was good friends with once again? Good ole Pooh. They showed me the ropes of which tables to go to, how to count them, to go REAL FAST, and don’t pretend to eat the food. LAMEO. Mmmmmm.
First set, ya know Im ready, its going by pretty quick, I started sweating really bad, like the sweat in your eyes bad. Then I was like dang I’ve been out here for a long time. This is a long twenty minutes. I had made it pretty much around the whole restaurant. Which was pretty big.
It was a 50 minute set. Hahahhahaha I was SOAKED in sweat.
An older lady that was friend with Eyore passed out today in costume. That was scary. 
Tomorrow is Friday which is actually MY FRIDAY! Aka your days off are the next two days.
Overall, this week has been better. Our apartment mates have once again trashed our whole apartment. We have inspections soon and if we get charged for their messes, I might go catch all their stuff on fire. Just kidding. But really….
It has been a month since I left home, which is really sad. I miss everyone a lot. I miss dancing everyday with my Meredith girls.
But I do love my roommate Kaitlin. She is a ball of fun. We are lazy together and like pizza and ranch too much.
I am loving me some Mumford and Sons. I listen to their Pandora station every bus ride, to and from work. They make things better.
This creeper guy thinks we are friends. He likes boys. But he thinks we are BFF’s. He doesn’t even know my name.   I think I am making this situation really awkward.

Oh well

And I miss my Elbee kitty
and apparently my NIECE kitty is now my NEPHEW KITTY!


this would be TERK, she is a GIRL. :) oh ps.those are my friends. and I am on the uh right :P

 Cats and loving,